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Welcome all to the 2020-21 Briar Woods chapter of (virtual) Science Olympiad! Science Olympiad is a National Competition that involves the completion of different modules based on your interests in science related spheres. Last year some modules ranged from computer programming, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, astronomy and engineering! 



Got an interest in computer science but haven’t taken a class before? No worries! Many of the modules involve learning from scratch and new research. All we ask is that you come motivated to participate!


So why join?



Not only does this provide a competitive edge to your college application, this club provides hands on experience many high school students tend to lack in the science field.

Still not convinced?

Many of last years officers and club members got into their top choice schools such as UVA, NYU and VT engineering! Although that is also attributed to their hard work ethic, we believe Science Olympiad helped facilitate a sophistication and expertise only earned through hands on experience granted in our club.

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